The value of a Broker Development Manager

With all the technological developments shaking up the insurance industry, it’s easy to ask whether there’s any value left in face-to-face contact. After all, with the internet, big data and algorithms, can’t you just do all your business online?

For us at Corin, the answer is a firm ‘no’. We’re a forward-facing MGA, but at the same time we understand the value of traditional methods.

We believe that having a point of contact who’s willing to get out there and meet brokers is important. That’s why we’ve hired a Broker Development Manager.

Often perceived as a luxury, Broker Development Managers are becoming rarer and rarer these days. MGAs are increasingly reliant on e-mails and the occasional phone call to keep up-to-date with their brokers.

Enjoying a personal rapport with your business partners isn’t an optional extra. It’s vital to doing business properly. Face-to-face interactions create deeper bonds between brokers and their MGAs, improving trust and helping to ensure a good relationship.

Travelling Broker Development Managers can help predominantly London-based MGAs to gain a much more accurate picture of the challenges brokers face in different regions.

Sometimes, a bit of face-time can unmask hidden problems or potentials, which might’ve gone undiagnosed over the phone. People open up when they’re with other people, not when faced with a telephone receiver or a computer screen. And that makes for a happier partnership.

It just goes to show that sometimes, it’s good to be a bit old school.

If you’d like to have a chat with Paul Hughes, our Broker Development Manager, please get in touch.